"Emotional healing does not mean dwelling upon the wound;  it means looking at the world though unwounded eyes ."
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Healing involves more than a simple absence of disease because one can have no defined disease, yet at the same may not be healthy overall. This happens when some aspects of life such as the mental, emotional, or spiritual aspects are imbalanced.  Healing truly involves living in a balanced state on all levels of our beings: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.

Various approaches can be used to help living a balanced and healthy life. Energy healing works on an energetic level to provide healing that goes beyond the physical level by balancing, restoring, and accelerating the body’s own ability to heal. Herbals and supplements help heal the physical body in various ways. Counseling and coaching help by guiding toward the most effective health approach, motivating toward a healthy lifestyle, and can also involve a conversation that bring truth, realization, and relief.

By combining all her knowledge as Energy Healer, Doctor of Pharmacy, and Naturally Gifted Intuitive, Lilly Koutcho brings in an eclectic, cutting edge, and holistic approach to healing that integrates all aspects of the mind, body, and spirit. As a powerful energy healer, she works in collaboration with her Spirit Guides, Angels, and Light Beings to offer a powerful healing energy to help with the healing process along with helpful insights including the energetic explanation of the the health issue. As a naturally gifted intuitive, she is able to provide spiritual insights, healing guidance, as well as spiritual counseling. As a Doctor of pharmacy, she is able to bring in a scientific and pharmacologic touch for a better understanding and an optimal health outcome. 



Intuitive insights

Eclectic, holistic, cutting edge approach to healing


"Pain is a sign that some part of our lives need a positive change."
What is Energy  Healing?

Energy is healing, also known as vibrational healing, is an old healing technique reported in many ancient civilizations, which is resurfacing today in different parts of the word including the United States. It is a natural, non-invasive and gentle healing technique based on quantum physic and metaphysical laws.

The core principle of energy healing is to work on an energetic level to bring the whole person (body, mind, and spirit) into a state of health and wellness. Based on the relativity theory of Albert Einstein, everything in the universe is made of energy and this is scientifically proven by the mathematical formula E = mc2 (where E represents Energy, m represents mass and is c represents the constant speed of light). Therefore, mass or matter such as the human body is simply a condensed form of energy and can be manipulated on an energetic level. As human beings, we are made of various "layers of energy systems" all interconnected and interdependent. Some of these energetic layers are dense and visible to us; this is the case of our physical bodies. However, some of these layers are fluid and imperceptible by the eyes; this is the case of our mental, emotional, and spiritual layers.

In energy healing, the healer uses and manipulates energy waves to restore, strengthen, support, enhance, and accelerate the body's own natural healing process.  The healer is able to transfer these energy waves to the clients either by tuning in into the earth energetic field, or by directly channeling it from Higher Dimensional Forces such as spiritual guides, light beings, angelic beings, or ascended masters. When the healer directly channels the healing energy from Higher Dimensional Forces, the healing is often referred as “Spiritually Guided Energy Healing”. ​

Imbalances, disruptions, or stagnation can sometimes occur on any level of our energetic field: physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual level. These imbalances are often caused by repetitive negative thought patterns, limited beliefs, or holding hard feelings such as resentment, anger or many other negative feelings. If these energetic imbalances are left unresolved, they may appear or “manifest” in the physical body as disease (dis-ease) as a way to be addressed and corrected.

Thus, Energy Healing ultimately is about restoring, balancing, enhancing, and energizing, the "Whole Human Energetic Field" (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) in a Harmonious way to support and restore Health and Wellness.

"Instead of saying "My diagnosis", say
"The diagnosis" to detach and depersonalize from labeling."

"The intention of our work is to assist all people in their healing  journey in an  environment of respect, acceptance, and  understanding."

Welcome to the Space where Light, Love, and Healing Shine !!! 

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